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If Disney Princesses Were Engineers…


We have, through the power of the internet, found out what it would be like if Disney Princesses were mothers, minions and even velociraptors.  But, the most important question has yet to be answered, until now… What if Disney Princesses were engineers?


Ariel the Biomedical Engineer
Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) the Biomedical Engineer – after her experiences losing her tail and gaining painful new legs, Ariel developed a sympathy for prosthetics users and went on to be a Biomedical Engineer, working with robotics for amputees.
Aurora the Chemical Engineer
Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty) the Chemical Engineer – after her experience with the effects of poisoned spinning needles on the body, Aurora developed an interest in Chemistry and went on to study Chemical Engineering.  Her favourite pracs at uni were those involving litmus paper, which reminded her of her favourite fairies’ ongoing disagreement between blue and pink.
Belle the Computer Systems Engineer
Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) the Computer Systems Engineer – Belle became curious about wireless communications technologies after trying to understand how the Beast’s magic mirror worked.  With Computer Systems Engineering, she discovered that there was something more than that provincial life and something even more interesting to her than reading books: coding!
Cinderella the Mechanical Engineer
Cinderella the Mechanical Engineer – after the problems she encountered using vehicles made by her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella decided to find out exactly how motors and machines worked, leading her to a pumpkin-free career in Mechanical Engineering.
Elsa the Civil Engineer
Elsa (from Frozen) the Civil Engineer – in order to ensure that her ice sculptures, bridges and buildings were structurally sound, and that upon thawing, that they didn’t flood Arendelle, Elsa undertook studies in statics and hydrology, becoming a Civil Engineer.
Jasmine the Aerospace Engineer
Jasmine (from Aladdin) the Aerospace Engineer – after getting a taste for experiencing A Whole New World on the magic carpet, Jasmine became determined to travel to space, studying Aerospace Engineering in preparation for becoming Agrabah’s first astronaut.
Merida the Electrical Engineer
Merida (from Brave) the Electrical Engineer – whilst trying to determine exactly what wisps are made from, Merida stumbled upon Electrical Engineering and is currently doing a PhD on electronic weapons calibration.  However, she actually spends most of her time mucking around with the Van de Graff machine in her lab.
Mulan the Materials Engineer
Mulan the Materials Engineer – Mulan’s interest in swords developed beyond swordswomanship and into steel production, leading her to study Materials Engineering in order to seek work in a foundry.  Luckily, all those years spent with Mushu the dragon meant that Mulan had developed a tolerance of being around high temperatures so she loved her new work environment.
Pocohantus the Environment Engineer
Pocahontas the Environmental Engineer – after her largely unsuccessful campaign against the English, Pocahontas discovered that she could influence environmental outcomes in a far more powerful way by working as an Environmental Engineer rather than merely singing about the benefits of the natural resources she was trying to protect.
Rapunsel the Signalling Engineer
Rapunzel (from Tangled) the Signalling Engineer – after realising the power of light as a communications medium from her experience with the lanterns which ultimately led to her reunite with her parents, Rapunzel turned to another discipline which conveys messages by lights: railway Signalling Engineering.
Snow White the Mining Engineer
Snow White the Mining Engineer – living in a mining household, it was only a matter of time before Snow White became fed up with letting the Dwarves have all the fun, but instead of being an operator as the Dwarves were, Snow White studied to become an Mining Engineer, influencing the long term plan for the mine.
Tiana the Project Engineer
Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog) – Tiana had had enough of getting her hands dirty after her stint being transformed into a frog, but very fortunately Tiana’s excellent budgeting and cost control experience made her a brilliant Project Engineer.



And they all lived happily ever after… with rewarding careers in engineering!

UPDATE: due to popular demand, we have made printed posters of our princess engineers available!



37 thoughts on “If Disney Princesses Were Engineers…”

  1. This is a wonderful proof of concept. I might suggest that you pick one and spin it out into a full length illustrated story. If you want to be more ambitious than that, it could be the kernel for a Kickstarter project.

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  2. How about Kida from Atlantis as a nuclear engineer? She did successfully harness enough energy to get Milo’s ship moving again. ☺️

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  3. Project engineering isn’t actually engineering – you don’t get a degree in that; you just sold Tiana short. And it’s usually slated as project management. Maybe a systems engineer or a petroleum engineer (remember she’s from New Orleans, oil spills hello?). Aeronautical engineer? There are options for her that you seemed to neglect. I appreciate the concept though.

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  4. Thanks for recognizing women in the Mining Engineering profession. I’ve been a “miner” for over 15 years now….very rewarding career.

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  5. How about Industrial engineering? Can you make one for industrial engineering? That would be so awesome 😀 Love what you have created


  6. These would be so great as posters in the classroom! What an excellent way to inspire young girls to think about a future in engineering.

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  7. I LOVE this collection. There is, however, one point that I want to ‘quibble’ about. Why does Electrical Engineer Merida not take her work seriously? You’ve said “However, she actually spends most of her time mucking around with the Van de Graff machine. . .” No PhD candidate I know of can spend most of their time doing anything other than their research. Why not say “However, when she needs a break from her research, she has some fun with the Van de Graff machine.”

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    1. Excellent suggestion! This was more about Merida’s nature than a generalisation about PhD students or electrical engineers not taking their work seriously. Thank you for highlighting this. My version of Merida needs an attitude adjustment if she is going to be a role model.


  8. Wonderful article but consider adding nuclear engineers. Check out MIT’s website for women in Nuclear Science and Engineering. A number of them are excelling in their careers and making numerous contributions to clean energy

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    1. Brilliant idea! I don’t come across many nuclear scientists or engineers in Australia so thanks for pointing me towards some resources about this speciality! I’ve had Kida from Atlantis suggested as a possible nuclear engineer. I will have to add her to the “sequel”!


  9. As a grandma of two female toddlers, I have already downloaded these posters to hang in their room at my house! You can’t start too early in making sure our girls know that math and science is not for boys only! I want them to know that they can be beautiful and love princesses, but also can outsmart the prince (and the king)! lol! Thank you so much. Love these!

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  10. Hello! I am the publishing director for Lerner Publications, an educational imprint under Lerner Publishing Group, which is one of the largest independent children’s book publishers in the United States. We are also an official Disney licensee working on a robust partnership with Disney Learning. We love this idea (and so does Disney!) Would you mind contacting me regarding publishing opportunities around this idea? My work email is Thank you!

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  11. Hi, I am a nuclear engineering student! I LOVE these princess engineers that you made but you didn’t make a nuclear princess!!! Please please make a nuclear princess so I can put it on my laptop. Thank you so so much. I loved your art. It has inspired me to become an engineer


  12. Anna (from Frozen) – after realizing the Kingdom of Arendelle was in trouble due to low levels of energy, Anna goes to work as an Industrial Engineer at Monsters, Inc. Fearless and faithful Anna is determined to save her Kingdom through children’s laughter.


  13. Great idea! I think it’s about time for an update, since there now is a new princess (Moana).
    I just checked the list of engineering departments from ASEE (e.g., In order of size: Mechanical, CS, Electrical, Chemical, BME, Industrial, Aerospace, Materials, etc.

    Moana could be great as an Industrial Engineer, focused on the logistics of journeys across the ocean, or the systems that deliver our healthcare. (Alternatively, Tiana could be rebranded as an Industrial Engineer, since Project Engineer isn’t one of the top disciplines).

    I look forward to the updates!


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