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Sunshine on Lapland, and Iron Ore

It would seem like Spring has finally made it to Lapland.  The large pile of snow in the hotels courtyard has almost melted, and the nearby hills are starting to look a little naked.  It’s amazing the transformation that has occurred over only two weeks.  The landscape is full of hope – green leaves rapidly… Continue reading Sunshine on Lapland, and Iron Ore

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Throwback Thursday – Workin’ on the Järnväg

Today's post is not throwing back too far, only to mid April, when I had the pleasure of getting my rail geek on in Northern Sweden, as part of my 7-week Grand Tour of the UK and Nordic countries. Ever since I had seen a video on the underground automatic trains at LKAB's Kiruna mine, I… Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Workin’ on the Järnväg

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If Disney Princesses Were Engineers…

We have, through the power of the internet, found out what it would be like if Disney Princesses were mothers, minions and even velociraptors. But, the most important question has yet to be answered, until now... What if Disney Princesses were engineers?

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2015 – The Year That Was

First of all a very big Thank You to you all for joining us on our Hedy Journey this year.  It's been a busy time filled with writing, travelling, interviews and most importantly planning for 2016.  But we can't forget 2015, and some of the highlights for both women and engineering. See you next year!

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The Wagon Whisperer

Last week, I got to know my favourite Aurizon grad, Antonia Niaga, a little better by officially interviewing her.  It was lovely to listen to her describe her talents as "The Wagon Whisperer", diagnosing problems with the "underbelly" of the train with guru-like ease, and to realise that we share a love of art.  Thanks,… Continue reading The Wagon Whisperer

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Hedy’s Guide to Surviving your Work Christmas Party

My work Christmas party was last night (Friday night) so I’m feeling a teeny bit rough today as a result.  No matter what you think about your work mates or the whole idea of Christmas parties, if you see a future with your company then it’s a good idea to at least make an appearance… Continue reading Hedy’s Guide to Surviving your Work Christmas Party

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Throwback Thursday -Swedish Signals, Tunnels and Meatballs

In 2013, I was lucky enough to win a bursary to attend the IRSE International Convention in Sweden and Denmark.  Applying for scholarships, bursaries and free spots at conventions/conferences/meetings is a brilliant way to travel without having to spend your boss's training budget or your own cash and I would highly recommend it to your… Continue reading Throwback Thursday -Swedish Signals, Tunnels and Meatballs

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Today we travel to the German Mining Museum in Bochum, Germany. This is hands down the best mining museum I’ve been too and it really highlights the importance of mining in the local community. How important do you think technical museums are in the promotion of engineering and it’s importance to society?


So it looked like we had saved the best for last.  After dance class in Bonn, which they did in English for me and for which I will be eternally grateful, we headed to Dortmund and to Joana’s parents place.  Dortmund’s mining history is rich, with coal mining starting in the area over 100 years ago.  Everyone’s family’s history is intertwined with the mining industry, and both of Joana’s grandpa’s had been involved in the industry.

After the decline of the industry in the area a number of museums have been set up to ensure this information is passed on to future generations, and the contribution of the industry is not forgotten.  Which sounds like a great day for a mining engineer 🙂

We headed to Bochum Bergbau Museum.  Even before we went inside we were off to a promising start…



There is an absolutely amazing museum inside, that chronicles…

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A Bridge over New Waters

After 6 weeks travelling for work and pleasure I have finally made it home to Edinburgh where I have been greeted with sideways rain.  Always a pleasure Scotland! When I travel I love hearing peoples stories, as well as visiting all the tourist traps and architectural/engineering wonders that I can find. It really helps me… Continue reading A Bridge over New Waters