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Blockchain – is it actually worth it?

Now it's time to circle back to the question we asked initially – what benefits will blockchain bring to an organisation that make it worth the time and effort it will take to overcome these hurdles? Primarily once blockchain is implemented within the supply chain it will contribute to cost reduction and also address the… Continue reading Blockchain – is it actually worth it?

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Implementing blockchain in the mining industry

So far we have run through what blockchain is and its component parts, and investigated the benefits and drawbacks associated with these. Once an organisation determines the benefits accrued outweigh the drawbacks then it will need to implement the technology. Anyone with any experience of change management, large or small, will appreciate this comes with… Continue reading Implementing blockchain in the mining industry

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With so many benefits, why is nobody implementing blockchain?

Blockchain seems full of promise but there must be some drawbacks otherwise we’d be seeing implementations in numerous industries and it would be further along the hype cycle than it currently is. In this post we will look at the main drawbacks of blockchain. The rate of adoption of technology can be directly linked to… Continue reading With so many benefits, why is nobody implementing blockchain?

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Applications of Blockchain

In my last post we explored what blockchain is, but how is it useful?  Emerging and disruptive technologies can be embraced by companies to create new efficiencies within their operations and tackle challenges they are faced with.  Blockchain has great potential to improve the mining industry’s digital effectiveness, contribute to combating rising costs through the… Continue reading Applications of Blockchain

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What actually is blockchain?

I'm sure most of you have heard of bitcoin and blockchain, but how many of you could explain the difference between the two or why we should even care? To be perfectly honest until I started listening to ZigZag podcast I don't think I could have either. The first series of this brilliant podcast breaks… Continue reading What actually is blockchain?

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Hedy’s Highlights of 2016

As 2016 takes its closing breaths, we learn of the passing of yet another icon, Carrie Fisher.  My Facebook feed is full of pleas to keep David Attenborough safe lest we lose yet another national treasure.  We’ve seen terror attacks, ongoing conflict in Syria, the rise of the political far right, Britain vote to leave… Continue reading Hedy’s Highlights of 2016

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Celebrating Gin and Visitors

Here's something I posted last week for a good friend of mine who was celebrating World Gin Day in proper style, with a Gin Week on her blog! As an oompa loompa of science I find the world of distilling and brewing quite fascinating.  Basically Chemistry class for adults!  So to celebrate Gin Week and… Continue reading Celebrating Gin and Visitors