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Alstom Women of Excellence Launch

Hello!  It’s been a little while... but I have been busy! I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been appointed as the inaugural champion of the Alstom Women of Excellence Australia and New Zealand. We had our virtual launch on 30th September.  As the champion, I had the opportunity to give a little introductory speech: Launching… Continue reading Alstom Women of Excellence Launch

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Getting to know us a little better – Yvette

It may not feel like there is much to be celebrating at the moment but Happy International Women in Engineering Day, nonetheless! The International Women in Engineering from my office! Although I am often confused about the passage of time lately, it appears that much has changed since we launched in 2016 for both of us Hedy bloggers. … Continue reading Getting to know us a little better – Yvette

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Applications of Blockchain

In my last post we explored what blockchain is, but how is it useful?  Emerging and disruptive technologies can be embraced by companies to create new efficiencies within their operations and tackle challenges they are faced with.  Blockchain has great potential to improve the mining industry’s digital effectiveness, contribute to combating rising costs through the… Continue reading Applications of Blockchain

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What actually is blockchain?

I'm sure most of you have heard of bitcoin and blockchain, but how many of you could explain the difference between the two or why we should even care? To be perfectly honest until I started listening to ZigZag podcast I don't think I could have either. The first series of this brilliant podcast breaks… Continue reading What actually is blockchain?

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Menstruation Equality

“Happy International Women’s Day!”  It always seems to me to be a weird statement with not quite the right sentiment...  “Happy” is the wrong word.  Perhaps, “Have a Powerful/Inspiring/Above Average International Women’s Day?” This year’s theme, according to UN Women, is “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights” so perhaps a more fitting greeting is:… Continue reading Menstruation Equality

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Hedy’s Highlights of 2016

As 2016 takes its closing breaths, we learn of the passing of yet another icon, Carrie Fisher.  My Facebook feed is full of pleas to keep David Attenborough safe lest we lose yet another national treasure.  We’ve seen terror attacks, ongoing conflict in Syria, the rise of the political far right, Britain vote to leave… Continue reading Hedy’s Highlights of 2016

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Sunshine on Lapland, and Iron Ore

It would seem like Spring has finally made it to Lapland.  The large pile of snow in the hotels courtyard has almost melted, and the nearby hills are starting to look a little naked.  It’s amazing the transformation that has occurred over only two weeks.  The landscape is full of hope – green leaves rapidly… Continue reading Sunshine on Lapland, and Iron Ore