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Hedy’s Highlights of 2016

As 2016 takes its closing breaths, we learn of the passing of yet another icon, Carrie Fisher.  My Facebook feed is full of pleas to keep David Attenborough safe lest we lose yet another national treasure.  We’ve seen terror attacks, ongoing conflict in Syria, the rise of the political far right, Britain vote to leave… Continue reading Hedy’s Highlights of 2016

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Celebrating Gin and Visitors

Here's something I posted last week for a good friend of mine who was celebrating World Gin Day in proper style, with a Gin Week on her blog! As an oompa loompa of science I find the world of distilling and brewing quite fascinating.  Basically Chemistry class for adults!  So to celebrate Gin Week and… Continue reading Celebrating Gin and Visitors

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Are you proposing today?

I'm proposing that my boyfriend and I complete 5 Munro's over the next 12 months.  And that we drink slightly less beer, and finally, officially, move in together.  But I'm definitely not popping the question, 'that' question. Today is February 29, the only day in four years women are traditionally allowed to get down on one… Continue reading Are you proposing today?

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If Disney Princesses Were Engineers…

We have, through the power of the internet, found out what it would be like if Disney Princesses were mothers, minions and even velociraptors. But, the most important question has yet to be answered, until now... What if Disney Princesses were engineers?

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Hedy’s 2016 Reading List

The short days, cold grey weather and long nights over the Christmas period should have been the perfect backdrop to snuggle up on the couch and lose myself in some books, however family holidays and itchy feet got the better of me, so by the time I went back to work I was only 25… Continue reading Hedy’s 2016 Reading List

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System Engineering Your 2016 Goals

I had planned to write a really bright and cheery post about the promise of the new year.  There would have been rainbows and unicorns and sequins (not glitter - I am glitter intolerant) but that was before the week that was.  The shine of my 2016 has been tarnished a little by the loss… Continue reading System Engineering Your 2016 Goals

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10 lizards leaping,9 wombats working

I entered 'Christmas presents for engineers' into my search engine and was promptly deluged by page upon page of 'gifts for him', 'gadgets he'll love' and even 'great fathers day presents'.  Anyone else see an issue with this?  I don't want ties, socks, or jocks that tell you what temperature it is inside and outside… Continue reading 10 lizards leaping,9 wombats working