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Getting to know us a little better – Yvette

It may not feel like there is much to be celebrating at the moment but Happy International Women in Engineering Day, nonetheless! The International Women in Engineering from my office! Although I am often confused about the passage of time lately, it appears that much has changed since we launched in 2016 for both of us Hedy bloggers. … Continue reading Getting to know us a little better – Yvette

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Countdown Cookies

It is a strange time to be alive. Each morning I wake up and I take a few moments to remember what’s going on. There are many things that we are in need of right now and I don’t pretend to have the ability to provide any where near all of them. The contents of this… Continue reading Countdown Cookies

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Hedy’s Highlights of 2016

As 2016 takes its closing breaths, we learn of the passing of yet another icon, Carrie Fisher.  My Facebook feed is full of pleas to keep David Attenborough safe lest we lose yet another national treasure.  We’ve seen terror attacks, ongoing conflict in Syria, the rise of the political far right, Britain vote to leave… Continue reading Hedy’s Highlights of 2016

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Celebrating Gin and Visitors

Here's something I posted last week for a good friend of mine who was celebrating World Gin Day in proper style, with a Gin Week on her blog! As an oompa loompa of science I find the world of distilling and brewing quite fascinating.  Basically Chemistry class for adults!  So to celebrate Gin Week and… Continue reading Celebrating Gin and Visitors