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I’m Sorry Hedy (or My Self-Care Retreat)

  I'm sorry Hedy, I spent this week's blog-writing time attending an indulgent, but desperately-needed self-care retreat.  As part of my Shining Year goal setting for 2016, I was "forced" to plan a retreat where I took time to look after myself, do things that made me happy and celebrate my own awesomeness.  I chose… Continue reading I’m Sorry Hedy (or My Self-Care Retreat)

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The Eden Jar

I graduated high school with an OP1, which is the highest exit score one could obtain in Queensland at the time.  As was tradition at Townsville Grammar School, alumni who achieved OP1s and OP2s were invited back to be paraded in front of the assembled school as inspiration.  In order to further inspire, I was invited… Continue reading The Eden Jar

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Yvette’s Self Interview

It is my intention to interview some of our favourite female engineers and share their stories.  But first, like many a STEM before me, I thought I'd make myself the guinea pig and I'd try out my questions to interview myself.  So here goes: Where do you work and what do you do there? I… Continue reading Yvette’s Self Interview