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More? You want some more? Part I

Education that is... Happy New Year Hedy Journeyers! Not sure about the rest of you but despite the best laid plans of mice and men I didn’t have the most productive of festive breaks.  It all started with good intentions, but ended by finishing two TV series I’d been watching (you must all watch The… Continue reading More? You want some more? Part I

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You want to study what?

What better place to start than the beginning? These days we take it as granted that women in developed nations can study what they'd like at university, money aside of course. The fount of all knowledge these days, Wikipedia, states that an engineer is one who uses the principles of engineering - namely acquiring and… Continue reading You want to study what?

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Yvette’s Self Interview

It is my intention to interview some of our favourite female engineers and share their stories.  But first, like many a STEM before me, I thought I'd make myself the guinea pig and I'd try out my questions to interview myself.  So here goes: Where do you work and what do you do there? I… Continue reading Yvette’s Self Interview