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Hedy’s 2016 Reading List

The short days, cold grey weather and long nights over the Christmas period should have been the perfect backdrop to snuggle up on the couch and lose myself in some books, however family holidays and itchy feet got the better of me, so by the time I went back to work I was only 25… Continue reading Hedy’s 2016 Reading List

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More? You want some more? Part II

Education that is... There's no doubt about it, postgraduate education can be expensive and it is also a large investment of time and emotion as well.  This isn't a decision to be taken lightly, so to avoid unnecessary stress, debt and heartache you should ask yourself a few questions first.  And be sure to answer… Continue reading More? You want some more? Part II

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2015 – The Year That Was

First of all a very big Thank You to you all for joining us on our Hedy Journey this year.  It's been a busy time filled with writing, travelling, interviews and most importantly planning for 2016.  But we can't forget 2015, and some of the highlights for both women and engineering. See you next year!

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Bridging the Gap

Happy Throwback Thursday on Friday! Unfortunately I had to head south to London at very short notice so the past 36 hours have flown by in a haze of suits, demo’s, meetings, awful London hotel rooms and cocktails, and hence Throwback Thursday is running a little late. This week we’re heading to Florence and looking at the Duomo, featuring Brunelleschi’s dome. Warning: engineering porn featured ahead.


So here’s an old post that I never published last year!! Completely forgot that I hadn’t published any of my Italian blogs last year…. Could be something to get you, and me!, through the autumn and winter.  So seems like a plan to publish them now and then and revel in the December sun and an Italian holiday or two!

Florence….. It really was a machine!

I can’t stress enough that you should really put in the effort and climb both the Duomo and the adjacent Bell Tower.  The Bell Tower obviously gives you a view of the Duomo that cannot be beaten, and the view from the Duomo is second to none…. Except maybe that of the Bell Tower 😛  Engineer Sarah was very, very excited to be seeing the Duomo with it’s dome engineered by Brunelleschi and completed in 1436 which was until the development of modern building materials…

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10 lizards leaping,9 wombats working

I entered 'Christmas presents for engineers' into my search engine and was promptly deluged by page upon page of 'gifts for him', 'gadgets he'll love' and even 'great fathers day presents'.  Anyone else see an issue with this?  I don't want ties, socks, or jocks that tell you what temperature it is inside and outside… Continue reading 10 lizards leaping,9 wombats working

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A Bridge over New Waters

After 6 weeks travelling for work and pleasure I have finally made it home to Edinburgh where I have been greeted with sideways rain.  Always a pleasure Scotland! When I travel I love hearing peoples stories, as well as visiting all the tourist traps and architectural/engineering wonders that I can find. It really helps me… Continue reading A Bridge over New Waters