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White Ribbons and Shades of Grey

Today, I had mixed feelings towards White Ribbon Day.  And I don't think I was alone.  There is no doubt that violence against women is wrong.  So wrong.  So wrong that it’s obvious that you should never ever do it...? Then, if so, why do we need this day?  Is there anyone that actually thinks… Continue reading White Ribbons and Shades of Grey

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BoJack Horseman is a Feminist

If any of you have had the pleasure of viewing Netflix original series, BoJack Horseman, you are probably wondering exactly how much accidental exposure I’ve had to cleaning products this week to draw such a conclusion as the title of this article.  But, don’t swipe left yet, do hear me out. If you think too much,… Continue reading BoJack Horseman is a Feminist

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Throwback Thursday – The Great Debate

I was thinking about gender targets/quotas this week after a signalling colleague in the Hunter Region made me aware of ARTC's exemption from the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW which allows them to advertise, specifically, for female track workers: ARTC has the same gender target, 30% women, as my own organisation, Aurizon.  Earlier this year, on International… Continue reading Throwback Thursday – The Great Debate