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Today we travel to the German Mining Museum in Bochum, Germany. This is hands down the best mining museum I’ve been too and it really highlights the importance of mining in the local community. How important do you think technical museums are in the promotion of engineering and it’s importance to society?


So it looked like we had saved the best for last.  After dance class in Bonn, which they did in English for me and for which I will be eternally grateful, we headed to Dortmund and to Joana’s parents place.  Dortmund’s mining history is rich, with coal mining starting in the area over 100 years ago.  Everyone’s family’s history is intertwined with the mining industry, and both of Joana’s grandpa’s had been involved in the industry.

After the decline of the industry in the area a number of museums have been set up to ensure this information is passed on to future generations, and the contribution of the industry is not forgotten.  Which sounds like a great day for a mining engineer 🙂

We headed to Bochum Bergbau Museum.  Even before we went inside we were off to a promising start…



There is an absolutely amazing museum inside, that chronicles…

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