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Let’s Talk – Day 2

This week is National Women’s Health Week.  Their slogan is “Let’s talk!” and their logo is a delightful pink elephant in the room.  This week, I’m getting us talking about periods with an engineering spin.   Have a look at yesterday’s post to get up to speed.
We will continue to use the Engineering Hierarchy of Controls to examine this topic each day of this week.
Just a note that some of the health and medical things discussed here aren’t the right solution for every one and your doctor might have some really good reasons why it won’t work for you (like, you might have a stroke), so treat this information as if it were a casual gossip with a girlfriend and not tailored medical advice.
Today we’re up to Substitution.
Who remembers “Ready or Not?”  This and Degrassi Junior High were staple teen issue viewing for me in my formative years.  One of the quotes from the tomboy character who had just become a woman (much to the dismay of the jealous girly character) regarding her sanitary napkin sticks in my mind, “It feels like having a football down my pants.”  Based on this and my own personal preferences, I’ve concluded that pads are not everyone’s cup of tea.
But it is no longer the 80s in regional Cananda (aboot time!), and just because a gal doesn’t want to insert foreign objects at her most vulnerable time to stem the flow, doesn’t mean she has to be subjected to the bunching, sticky, messy horror that is sanitary pads.
Today, there is such a thing as anti-microbial fabric, which can be used to create period-proof undies which claim to hold two tampons worth of fluid without feeling like sitting in a pool of your own blood.
Check out their website to see some of their cute but functional designs!
Icky mess substituted!
But stick around, tomorrow, we’re looking at Engineering Controls!

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