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10 lizards leaping,9 wombats working

I entered ‘Christmas presents for engineers’ into my search engine and was promptly deluged by page upon page of ‘gifts for him’, ‘gadgets he’ll love’ and even ‘great fathers day presents’.  Anyone else see an issue with this?  I don’t want ties, socks, or jocks that tell you what temperature it is inside and outside of your crotchal region and probably could hit a hole in one for you.  I’m just not that kinda gal!  And I’m assuming you guys aren’t either.  So I’ve compiled the following list of gifts just for you guys, so you can make sure your lovely engineering ladies have a particularly festive Christmas 🙂


So this is a pretty stock standard present for most ladies out there.  But you’ve probably never seen jewellery like this!

From resistor earrings, to RAM necklaces or a bit of steampunk gearing.

Kitchen Gadgets!

While this may seem a little like gender stereotyping, a modern woman still needs to be able to feed herself! And I do secretly love a good kitchen gadgets.  This cheap gadget spiral slices cucumbers and zucchinis/courgettes.

This one is slightly more expensive so possibly not just for the girl next door.  If they really love pizza then this oven sits on a domestic gas ring and can cook a crisp pizza in as little as four minutes.  And looks pretty stylish to boot.

I have to get myself one of these for my extra virgin single origin olive oil.

Interior Decor

Back to Easy for this one, there’s a bunch of really cool patent prints at this store.  They’re US based but ship worldwide so perfect for the global travellers among us.  I think this oil rig poster is my favourite.


If stuff really isn’t her thing, or she earns enough to buy her own pretty things, then give the gift of continuing education  and like minded new friends.  Do an internet search for meet up groups in your area, who knows what you will find!


Instead of using your computer calendar to work out what the date actually is, purchase this perpetual calendar and it will be centrepiece of your favourite engineeresses desk!

Your best friend a little stressed at work? Then this zen ball may be the answer.

My boyfriend bought this at the airport when we last went on holiday and I fell in love immediately.  A stylish and unique timepiece that is a hell of a conversation starter!  The time lights up in binary but when you’re not needing to tell the time it doubles as a very handy mirror.

Is the engineer in your life more the practical type?  Websites such as Sparkfun sell all kinds of kits they can use to start a project.  Just ignore the slightly dorky guy with a ‘tache on the site banner.

They could always build their own robot!

I hope this wee guide has given you a bit of an idea about what to give the engineeress in your life.  Christmas shouldn’t be a time to show off your bank balance or size of your credit card.  It’s a time to be spent with loved ones, be they friends or family.  And to play with really cool gadgets!!

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